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Amrita Saluja Walia is a pune based fashion designer/stylist.
She dotes on fashion, whether colour, silhouettes, cuts, fabrics, accessories or for that matter even practicing and preaching it.
It started at her childhood inclination and amplified to revolve her life around it!

ATIRMA is an extension of her own love towards art, beauty, style and life itself.
In the literal sense it is a mirror image of her own name Amrita!
It started in 2008 and has been serving pune and adopted citizens as well with the best of customised outfits.
You would find innovative stylised details in both, indian and western wear that set them apart from the rest!


Just My Luck purely deals in customizing apparels and offering styling tips for modern day woman. Contemporary style with desi tadka!!

Just My Luck is a new designer brand started by two young and passionate designers. It is a blend of contemporary styling with a desi feel. Traditional attires with a modern twist has taken the world of fashion by storm. With changing trends and new fashion posts emerging we offer a solution to your problems. So be prepared to look desi yet modern.

Just My Luck is a smart recombination of pre dominantly desi print fabrics with a western construct, creating clothing that makes a woman look and feel special.

Versatile, elegant clothing, great styling and fits, and effortless style are what we would like Just My luck to be known for.


Accessories are an extension of our personality; it is that which enhances and makes the first impression. They are ice-breakers in conversations, talking points at parties or simply things to flaunt about. For the discerning dresser, it’s all about what you wear and how you wear; what complements and accentuates the entire look.

With these insights we set out to make Hand Bags that have the ability to make one standout amongst the crowd. Regalia Couture label has shades of creativity and variety to empower every personality.
R.C.L is our Brain Child to venture into the beautiful creations of Designer Accessories & Apparels. It’s an exclusive range of designer bags specially crafted for the women connoisseurs of craft who are fashion conscious and ambitious. R.C.L endeavor’s to bring an offering that adheres to the fine aesthetics, quality, comfort and is yet affordable for every occasion and wear.


As Coco Chanel quotes that, “Fashion changes, but style endures”, I believe that no matter from where our attire may be weaved from, the wearer changes its charm by the way they carry it.
My Shimmer BIBI collection is a dedicated mission to put together Indian style of traditional, contemporary and fusion variety of sarees inspired from various Indian states, regions, bazaars, fabrics, handiwork, handicrafts’, and the works; to put together a range that will relate to each and every one of us women and girls alike who love Indian attire and are fascinated by colours, that vary with every mood, expressions, and emotion.

I engage in fashion and style that showcases asymmetric features. It sometimes follows, creates or revives trends. You shall encounter and the get the taste of a variety of features such as Bandhni or Bandhej from Kutch, embroidery , Banarasi Silk, mirror works, phulkas, gota, buta, abla, badla, patchwork, digital prints, Bengali cotton, and lots more, in an unimaginable and unique combination.

Through my collection, I shall take you through my various interpretations of life that is borne upon the palette of my various figments of imaginations, and the fashion fascination that is fostered by creativity and is my source of happiness.


Kinali Solanki is a Mumbai based designer who specializes in Ethnic Couture Wear.
Inspired by the classic Indian heritage, she aims at redefining and contemporizing Indian craftsmanship.
At Indian Fashion Attire, Kinali introduces her first collection online that features a multifaceted showcase encompassing the very best of Indian designs with specially produced range of glamorous fashion garments.
She has a unique ability to evolve with each collection into creative styling, translating textures and embellishments into refreshingly new and unexpectedly contemporary silhouettes.


POiSSA – Actdressory is an Indian luxury accessory brand.
For too long, apparel has been the highlight of a woman’s attire while accessories being add ons. We desire to change this.
PO-i-SSA aims to be a trend setter in the market where in spite of having a rustic attire, you can enhance your beauty with our accessories. There by the catchphrase being “Act-dressory”.

We design fabricated clutches with an international taste, essence and look. We aim to be trend setters in the local and international market with trendy, vibrant yet classy characteristics in our products.
We endeavor to present a fusion of East, West, Design, Style & Comfort through our seasonal collections.

Products – We have a wide variety of clutches that suit occasions from a sophisticated lunch to a wedding party. We also customize and craft exceptional metal bags for a bride that enhances her beauty on her special day.

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